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COYA Awards – 2017

On 17th November 2017, our company attended the annual COYA ceremony at Safari Park Hotel. COYA stands for Company of the Year Award, which was institutionalized by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) in 2000. The whole COYA process is called the OPI process. OPI stands for Organizational Performance Index which was developed by Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) as a business excellence model. This was in response to feedback from organizations participating in the COYA and SMOYA (SME of the Year Awards), to clearly emphasize the essence of instilling smart business processes and generating strong business results.

The OPI process assesses scores from seven determinants within each company. They include Leadership and Management; Customer orientation and Marketing; Human Resource focus; Financial Management; Innovation, Information Technology and Knowledge Management; Corporate citizenship and Environment management; and Product and Quality. The participants for the awards are first taught how to do a self-assessment on every determinant of the OPI process to obtain scores for each determinant. The scores are submitted to KIM, who then send a team of assessors that do a thorough review on every determinant that takes place and examines how they are aligned with the company’s strategy. The reviews by the assessors are then forwarded to the OPI Technical Committee which gives their recommendations to the judges for the approval of the final scores.

There have been notable winners since the commencement of the COYA award, some of which are Nation Media Group, Mabati Rolling Mills, Toyota Kenya, Britam, Jubilee Insurance and Crown Paints. This year 13 awards were being given out by KIM. They included: an award for the highest score per determinant, runner-up for the second highest aggregate score, CEO of the year and the runner-up, Manager of the year and the runner-up, and the main one which was the COYA which was given to the participant with the highest score of all determinants when combined.

The hard work of Our Employees and commitment to providing products that are reliable and valuable to our customers saw us clinch five (5) awards. We were honoured to receive the following awards:

  • The illustrious Company of the Year Award where we had a remarkable score of 6.9 which was close to breaking the record score of 7.1.
  • Leadership and Management determinant.
  • Product and Quality determinant.
  • First runners-up CEO of the year award.
  • First runners-up Manager of the year award.

We would like to thank our customers and the Twiga team for all the hard work and determination towards our journey this year. As we look forward to the future, let’s continue with the same spirit and continue to grow together as one.