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Gramoxone 200SL is a post-emergent herbicide for use in maize crops against perennial, annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds. Gramoxone 200SL has the Active ingredient paraquat at a concentration of 200g/Litre of the formulated product. It is a unique herbicide, non-weather dependent, fast acting with a very broad spectrum of control against many weeds. Its use show results of scorching within four hours of application and is rainfast in only ten minutes! (Does not wash off when it rains ten minutes after application).In maize crop (none mixed) Gramoxone is used to control weeds below the canopy when the crop is at least above the knee or one foot high. The application is done by spraying under the canopy directly onto the weeds. Gramoxone has been in use for weed control since the 1950s and is one of the flagship products being distributed by Twiga chemicals especially in the North Rift region for use in maize plantation.

The North Rift region, Kenya’s breadbasket has over 250,000ha under maize production. Most of which utilize herbicides for weed management. In a bid to secure its niche market share in the region, The North rift team fortified its marketing activities across the region that peaked with a mega two-day roadshow across Uasin Gishu, TransNzoia, and Elgeyo Marakwet counties.

The caravan was made up of all the members from CP, CE, AHD and all promoters alongside the service crew making an elegant team of splendor flying high the flag of Gramoxone. The trail started in Eldoret through the lush maize plantations of Kabennes, Moiben, Ziwa, Merewet, Soy, Nangili, Fafaro, Nangili, Matunda, Moi’s bridge, Maili Saba, Kitale, Kiminini, Kamukuywa, Saboti, Endebbes, Sibanga, and finally Kachibor. It was a two-day event of the meet and greet with the explicit stop over’s training farmers at the major markets topping it all up with magnificent giveaways and entertainment that left the clients with big smiles and a loyalty for Gramoxone. Not left out were the key stockists along the trail route showing massive support in completing the distribution chain and availing Gramoxone to farmers all over the region.

The event was a great success with stocking up at the distributors and stockists. The farmers renewed their pledge in support of Gramoxone, the only legend alive.

V. Clement, Crop manager-Cereals. N. Rift