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Livestock Breeders’ Show and Sale 2018

Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd will be attending this year’s livestock breeders’ show and sale to be held at  Jamhuri Park, Nairobi from 9th to 11th August.

This event is organized by the Livestock Breeders Trust to promote the Kenyan livestock industry through the exhibition of superior livestock, display of animal health and nutritional products and modern farming technologies.

In the mid-1990s, Mrs. Mary Nevill decided to hold a Holstein-Friesian Show on an annual basis. This in time gave rise to what became known as the Elite Livestock Show, which incorporated other breeds of cattle. The aim of the Show was to display the best of Kenyan Livestock. The show name was changed in 2000 to the Livestock Breeders’ Show & Sale, where cattle and other types of livestock were put on display. Up to 2004, the finances were handled by the Holstein-Friesian Cattle Society but the success of the show was such that the amounts of money being handled became great enough to justify a managing body and so the Livestock Breeders Show Trust was born. This was set up in 2004 as a Charity to handle the surplus income, if any, generated from the events organized by the Livestock Breeders’ Shows and Sale Committee.

The aim of the Trust is to promote the breeding of quality livestock within Kenya. In line with this; Twiga Chemicals will be showcasing its wide range of Animal Health and Nutritional products as well as Canadian Genetics during this important event.

You are welcome to visit Twiga Chemicals at stand No. 5B for solutions and advice on Animal Genetics, Nutrition and Disease Control, and Treatment.