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Our Business Divisions

Our organizations success is guaranteed by having our talented teams focus on the following key areas

Crop Protection Division

Our Crop Protection Division leads the way in providing high quality products that enable farmers to improve their crop yields and crop quality. We source our products from reputable international manufacturers as either raw materials or the finished product which are eventually formulated and packed at our industrial facility.


Animal Health Division

Our Animal Health Division leads the way in providing high-quality products that enable farmers to improve their production yields and breed quality. We use the highest standards to create sustainable and effective products, closely collaborating with our customers and scientists to improve the quality and health of our animals.


Commercial Explosives Division

Our Commercial Explosives Division leads the way in providing high quality explosives and explosives accessories to various operations and large-scale infrastructure projects. Our products and high quality accessories are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers. Safety and welfare of those operating our products is our highest concern and we work hard to ensure that these individuals are well trained and comply with the government regulations.


Toll Manufacturing Centre

The Toll Manufacturing Centre is a state of the art facility, the best of its kind in East and Southern Africa that manufactures and repacks Agrochemicals, Animal Health, Consumer and Public Health products. The centre is well equipped, stable, reliable and dependable with strong systems and processes to ensure the highest quality products are leaving the factory.


Consumer Division

Consumer Division boasts a range of high-quality products that are manufactured by the company for the mass market through the retail channels. The products are manufactured in line with the ISO certified quality management system and adhere to the stringent quality and performance specifications.