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Vitra 40 WG
Vitra 40 WG

Vitra 40 WG

Vitra 40 WG is  a Blue copper fungicide/ bactericide for control of early and late blight in tomato; bacterial blight and
downy mildew in cabbages; rust, anthracnose, and angular leaf spots in french beans and coffee berry
disease and leaf rust in coffee.

Available Pack Sizes:
1 kg
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Active Ingredients

Copper Hydroxide (66.7% w/w)

Additional Details


Water Dispersible Granules (WG)


PCPB (CR) 1198

For effective control of diseases,

  1. VITRA is a preventive fungicide therefore has to be sprayed before the infection occurs.
  2. Timely application is required for effective control.
  3. Tank mixing with non ionic surfactant e.g. Agral 90 improves the effectiveness.
  4. Good spray coverage of the crop is essential in control of pests and diseases.